Military Records

The American Story of Molfettese Immigration




c. 1927 - While hundreds of Molfettesi fought for their homeland during the Great War, a few opted to serve for their adopted country instead. The following excerpts were taken from a 1927 compilation of World War veterans from the state of Vermont. Included in this roster is Pietro C. Capursi, who was born in Molfetta but resided in Montpellier, Vermont at the time of his enlistment.

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c. 1942 - In April of 1942, all men who were between the ages of 45 and 64 and not already in the military were required to register for what is often referred to as the "old man's draft." This particular draft card is for Cosmo De Gennaro, born in Molfetta and residing at the time in Massachusetts. An interesting account of Molfettese immigration outside of the NJ/NY area.

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c. 1942 - Four typical examples of Molfettese immigrants living and working in Hoboken. As Longshoremen, Molfettese men faced long hours, unsteady work, degrading "shape-up roll calls," and nefarious underworld criminals. On the other hand, the promise of work on the piers undoubtedly created the "Molfie" enclave in Hoboken.

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