The American Story of Molfettese Immigration



Since the onset of the twentieth century, scores of immigrants left the Adriatic port city of Molfetta and arrived in the United States.* Many went to Hoboken, NJ where an enclave of Molfettesi still exists today. Others ventured to Chicago, Boston and various other cities in California. As time passed, their stories merged into the giant melting pot of America. Today, the third and fourth generation of the original immigrants may only recall that their grandparents were from “ Bari,” without knowing any more specific details. The purpose of Historelli.com is to find and rediscover the lost evidence of the Molfettese immigration to America. Historian’s like to call this evidence “primary sources,” which can include anything from photos, letters, census records to an old hat that once belonged to your grandfather.


*Of course, not all Molfettese emigrants went to the U.S., Thousands of others journeyed to several European Ports, Australia, Argentina, Venezuela, and even Libya.


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