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The American Story of Molfettese Immigration





1929 - According to this 1929 article from Harper's Magazine, Mussolini's brand of fascism reached across the ocean and even affected the colony of Molfetese immigrants living in Hoboken NJ. This article chronicles the stories of Giuseppe Ranieri and and Carlo Ragno, two italian nationals who faced the harsh realities of trying to provide for the families overseas while still dealing with an oppresive government. The author writes "In Hoboken, New Jersey, is a colony of immigrants from Molfetta, in the south of Italy. They come from independent stock and almost to a man are opposed to Fascism, but, like all Italians, they want to go home on visits." Duffield, Marchus, "Mussolini's American Empire, The Fascist Invasion of the United States, Harpers Magazine, vol 159, Nov. 1929 p. 669-669

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