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Ship Manifests

The American Story of Molfettese Immigration




1898 - Evidence of pre-1900 immigration from Molfetta to the United States. No# 110 on this manifests lists a 60-year old cigar maker named Onofrio Allegretta on his way to meet his brother Ignazio in Chicago. In this document, we can see that Allegretta was a widower and had lived in New York from 1892-1895. It is unclear if he was again admitted entry into the US since he was listed as senile on this manifest.
1900- A manifest from 1900 with five immigrants from Molfetta (No # 5 - 9) who were on their way to New York City. Evidence that in the early stages of immigration, Molfettesi men settled elsewhere, outside of the eventual enclave located in Hoboken, NJ. The names listed in this manifest include, Ignazio De Felice, Vincenzo Trombetta, Onofrio De Felice, Francesco Caló, and Giuseppe De Bari.
1901- A manifest from 1901 with three immigrants from Molfetta (No. # 14 -16) on their way to New York. (The exact location is illegible) Listed as sailors, the surnames of the three passengers include Pappagallo, Scicancalepore & Stoia.
1902- A manifest from 1902 with several immigrants from Molfetta (No. # 9 - 14) on their way to New York City. This manifest also reveals early evidence of an entire family leaving Molfetta to settle in the USA. According to this record, Vito Cormio, his wife Giovanna and their 5-year-old son Raffaele were on their way to Brooklyn.
1903- A manifest from 1903 with six immigrants from Molfetta (No. # 11 - 16) on their way to Mulberry Street in New York City's famous Little Italy district.. All six men (with the surnames, De Trizio, Sallustio, Mastrapasqua, Mezzina & Magarelli) list their contact as their cousin, Vincenzo Verdecchia. Without a doubt Verdecchia was not a relative but rather a "Padrone" enabling immigrants to settle in the USA.
1904- A manifest from 1903 with several immigrants from Molfetta (No. # 3 - 4, 7 - 8, 10, & 26) on their way to Hoboken, NJ. The surnames listed in this manifest include Cirillo, Mastropierro, Bufo, Amato and Camporeale). An interesting footnote about this manifest is that three of these Molfettese men were listed as "miners" under their occupation. In order to pursue a mining job, these men would have to have left the docks of Hoboken and headed west to Pennsylvania.
1906- A manifest from 1906 showing three immigrants from from Molfetta (No # 13 - 15) who were on their way to San Francisco, Cal. The surnames listed in this manifest include Sasso & Mezzina. Two of the passengers have their last residence changed from Molfetta to USA, suggesting that they may have been established more permanently as American citizens.